Giving Back

Dedicated to Making a Difference

One of the many unique things about WorldVentures™ is our commitment to making a genuine difference in the world. We know our actions have the potential to significantly impact the well-being of staff, customers, communities and the environment. Through our own charitable organization, WorldVentures Foundation in the US, and other key partner organization worldwide, WorldVentures helps support worthwhile causes that promote clean water, cross-cultural understanding and entrepreneurship in developing nations.

Leading the Way through ‘VolunTourism’

However, WorldVentures does more than write checks. We have become a pioneer in the growing field of “VolunTourism,” group vacations with a social purpose. Since 2010, WorldVentures has organized numerous good works trips to remote locations in Africa, Latin America and Asia aimed at helping the most vulnerable people among us, children.

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