About Us

Our Journey!

The Quest for Work–Life Balance

WorldVentures™ founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue experienced great success in business early in their careers, but both came to realize there had to be a better way to make a living, a way to make work less about money and more about the things that matter: passion, adventure and fun. Thus, the WorldVentures lifestyle was born. Today, Wayne is joined by Chief Executive Officer Dan Stammen and, together, the two are striving to fulfill a very simple business philosophy: help people get more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives—and it’s working. Thanks to Wayne’s visionary leadership style and Dan’s versatile business savvy, thousands of Representatives have been able to “Make a living … Living!” ™

"Make a living … Living! ™"

WorldVentures was born

on December 10, 2005, with the mission to create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in people’s lives through the merging of great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development and contribution.

From the start, the company was built on three pillars.


Build the world’s best vacation and lifestyle club

Enriching lives through exceptional and affordable global, local and daily experiences.


Build a family of world-class direct sales people

To give our Independent Representatives the opportunity to grow their own businesses and market our great product personally.


Leave the world a better place

Committed to community, volunteer service and good corporate citizenship.

Today, WorldVentures has become...

the world’s largest direct seller of curated group travel with Independent Representatives in 28 countries. And we are still growing …

At WorldVentures, We Continuously Strive to Live Our Mission Every Day.

WorldVentures provides the opportunity to combine work and play in a whole new way. Our Independent Representatives can earn income. Most importantly, the company has lived up to its promise to be a good corporate citizen by pioneering the field of VolunTourism: vacations with a social purpose and funding philanthropic efforts through the WorldVentures Foundation.

Our Core Values

We Are a Values and Commitment–Based Culture

  • 1

    Live Fun, Freedom
    and Fulfillment.

    Look for ways to integrate more fun, freedom and fulfillment into everything we do.

  • 2

    We Are
    One Big Team.

    Foster synergistic partnership and co-creation.

  • 3

    Honor, Embody
    and Expand Trust.

    Be authentic, transparent and congruent in thought, words and deeds.

  • 4

    Deliver and
    Promote Excellence.

    Have a steadfast focus on providing the highest value and the highest-quality experience.

  • 5

    Commit to

    There is always a resolution. Problems are only challenges looking for answers.

  • 6

    Care and

    Be humane and compassionate. Promote peace, harmony and love.

  • 7

    Full Potential.

    Commit to continuous growth and learning and look for constructive lessons in personal experiences.

  • 8

    Embrace Creativity
    and Innovation.

    Imagine new possibilities. Expect and embrace beneficial change.

  • 9

    Foster Safe and
    Open Communication.

    Communicate for new possibilities, understanding, resolution and positive action.

  • 10

    Ensure Sustainability
    in Everything We Do.

    Make decisions with sustainability in mind: sustainable business practices, relationships, energy, health, etc.